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What Did I Dimension Part 2

Back in 2013 I did a post about understanding what a dimension was tied to, shortly after I learned another way to accomplish this task for an entire string not just a single segment.  I was going to follow up

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What Did I Tag

For those of you who follow this blog know I often mention simple Right Click commands that I find beneficial to an everyday user.  For instance most users have loved the “What Did I Dimension” post a few years back.  This tip

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Windows Explorer/My Computer Columns

I previously posted about how to use the windows column filter to display what is needed.  I thought there should be a follow up post on how to change the display of the columns as well.  If you right click

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Random Clicks Windows Explorer / My Computer Sorting Tip

Every once in a while I accidentally click on the screen randomly and get a nice surprise.  This is how I found out about dragging grips in Revit as well as windows scroll bars.  This tip is about Windows Explorer and

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Random Click Revit Drag End

I have a term that I have coined the “Claw” while in Revit.  It relates to when a user is trying to move the end of a line based object (i.e. Grid, Wall, Beam) and they zoom in to find

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