Revit 2017 Purge Material Assests in Familes

During my last Revit Radio session I was had made the comment that Material Assests can’t be purged out of a family.  The discussion arose as I had found a bug in Revit 2017 that if you attempt to delete all the materials out of a family then Revit was just crashing.  It didn’t do this on all families but specifically on View Title families, both OOTB and custom versions.  Aaron Maller wrote in explaining me a work around to remove the material assest.  This mornign I was gong to blog about his work around but wanted to first attempt to figure out why the family was crashing in the first place.  My first troubleshooting thought was to purge the family and to my surprise we can now Purge material assests (This is huge for us content generating geeks).  Not only that but it will allow us to purge all materials out of a family, it doesn’t leave default.

Revit 2017 Material Assest Purge

FYI purging the family of materials didn’t make it crash but deleting the material did.  I stopped looking since this is a better option anyway.

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