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RevitRadio is a live web-based program beamed straight to your computer from the minds of Brian (The Revit Geek) and Stan (Business Development Manager at CAD-1).  It is a fun and light-hearted way to get your Revit questions answered, not to mention a way to learn new Revit techniques and best practices.  All attendees are allowed to ask questions and get them answered on the spot live and quick.  It is a great way to get your Revit knowledge up and have fun at the same time.  Please join us monthly for this fun educational experience. Go to our upcoming events to get a list of future sessions.

If you want to get a jump start on the game go ahead and ask your question in the comments on this page and we will get to those during the next session of Revit Radio.  Who knows if your question is extremely good then I might dedicate a webcast specifically to your question.

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One comment on “Revit Radio
  1. Robin Larzelere says:

    I am still using the schedule info Brian taught in HB at the first Revit Conf. Thank you so much!

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