Revit 2016 R2 Structural Beams to Columns

With the R2 version of 2016 Revit we were introduced to Global Parameters.  As Dezi and myself have been looking into how to utilize them she noticed a nice quirk related to them.  Previously I have posted about beams and associating them to columns and then clarified that post with a follow up.  When entering a value for the attachment distance Revit will only allow this to be a positive value, which will move the beam towards the center of the column.  Dezi had noticed that if a global parameter is associated you can enter a negative value

2016 R2 start attachment Global Parameter

Now I want users to try and use Global Parameters and see if they can use them were we can’t have a negative value.  If you find them please comment to this blog.

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  1. Brian & Dezi,

    I was playing with them a bit recently and found that you can’t attach them to default parameters associated with a category. For example, doors have a height and width parameter and through some trickery you can make those instance based. But you can’t associate them to global parameters. Also array counts can’t be associated with a parameter either. I’ll let you know what else I run across

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