Tie Beams to Columns

When first using Revit Structure it can be frustrating that when the height of a column moves or changes, the beams that were associated to the top of the column didn’t change elevation with the column.  This condition was changed a few releases ago but it still seems to be a rarely utilized property.  If a beam is modeled to a column, two properties are applied: Start Attachment Type and/or End Attachment Type.  These values, when set properly, allow the beam to move up or down with the column.  By default the values are set to End Elevation, which doesn’t associate the beam to the column.  For the beam to be associated, this value should be changed to “Distance”.  Once distance is selected then two additional properties appear: Attachment Distance and End of Referenced Column.  The distance value can be used to adjust the end of the beam such that it isn’t aligned with the end of the column.  Unfortunately, this value will always move the beam away from the ends towards the center of the column and not outside the ends.  End of Referenced Column can either be set to the top or bottom of the column so the beam moves accordingly.

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