Wall location lines

So a post over at Linked In today got me thinking about walls.  When I have clients start off a project they usually start with some sort of generic wall type, then as the project develops the walls get changed out to be something a bit more specific.  Not everyone knows that when a wall type is changed it looks to the location line to know where to adjust from.  So if you change a wall and its’ location line is Wall Centerline then it will grow or shrink equally on each side, if the location line is Finish Face Exterior then it will grow completely to the inside.

When changing the exterior walls that need to grow to the inside. Select all the walls that need changing and change the location line appropriately.  This way it isn’t a crap shoot to find out if they moved in, out or equally.  When changing  all of one wall type, use the “Select All Instances >> In Entire Project” tool to speed up the process.

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