Square feet per foot dialog

I was creating a schedule key today for and abbreviation list, when this dialog box popped up. 

Can I ask what this dialog box means and why it came up when I was in a text value in a schedule key.  I love Revit warning some times, they are just puzzling.  I think the programmers but them there to make us ponder and laugh during our busy days.

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2 comments on “Square feet per foot dialog
  1. Philip Chan says:


    I got the same message today from one of the users and the message actuallly keep him from Sym to Central the first time, then he tried it again and it saved and the message didn’t show up later. Did you figure out what causes the message?


    • Phillip,
      I haven’t this dialog has come up for me several times when doing different things. I am not sure what it means or why it comes up. I guess I might have to submit it to Autodesk. I haven’t yet because it hasn’t been an issue for me.

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