Sheet Issue Dates

One common thing I see in a set of Construction Documents is a schedule that displays all of the dates each sheet was issued on, either with a dot or symbol of some sort.  This is usually done with a project parameter for each release date and then someone has to manually go through and mark each sheet for the date it was issued.  I have seen a few different add ons for this to work but here is a nice little tip to use if you don’t have an add on.

The trik is to create a Sheet Set and then use that sheet set in the browser organization to multiselect all the sheets.  To create the sheet set go into the print dialog and choose to print by “Selected views/sheets” select all the sheets that are part of the print set and do a “Save As…”














Once a sheet set is created this can now be used for Browser Organization.  The browser organization for sheets can now be set to Filter By “Print Set” (note: in the print dialog this is called Sheet Set not Print Set). 

Now only the issued sheets are available in the browser making it easier to select them all at the same time and check the appropriate project parameter field.


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  1. Michael Zabritski says:

    Great tip Brian. Thanks

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