Revit 2017 View Range Quirk

The new features that we received as part of Revit 2017 for View Range were actually part of 2016 R2, with one exception.  In 2017 the factory gave us a 2 key shortcut (VR) to activate it.  This is, maybe I should say was, one of my favorite new little features for this release.  However I found a bug when using the shortcut instead of accessing it through the properties dialog.  If you use VR to access the dialog you Must use apply dialog for it to work clicking OK wont accept changes.  Aaron Maller and I also discovered that you can access the view range via VR even when there is a view template assigned.  Simply applying the view template to the view wont correct the problem you must make a change in the view template and it will then overwrite the settings.  These quirks forced me to no longer say this is one of my favorite small enhancements.

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