Revit 2017 Text Editor vs Tag

I recently posted about the issues that will arise when upgrading a project from Revit 2016 to Revit 2017.  Upon further investigating there is a significant quirk when comparing text to tags.  I was updating a detail container file for one of my clients where they use mostly Keynote tags with a bit of text alongside for more clarifications.  At first glance it may not be noticeable, however if you zoom out you can see a difference and if you make the a text value match the tag value it is easily seen on screen.

2017 Text Quirk 1

If you look closely at the screen capture above you may notice that the top line of text looks a bit more pixelated (ironically it was more noticeable in a screen capture then on the Revit screen).  As seen in the capture below it becomes more noticeable the further you zoom out in Revit, it almost looks as though the text is bold and the tag is not.

2017 Text Quirk 2

To really make a comparison I typed a piece of text (shown in blue below) directly over the tag (shown in black) and as you can see the text is spacing, or kerning, is larger in text than tags as well as the height being slightly taller.

2017 Text Quirk 3

I had thought that maybe this was an issue with updating the project and the tag as well.  I created a new tag from the 2017 template and the same thing occurred.  I don’t envision this causing many issues with upgraded projects but something I think should be addressed by the Factory if future releases.


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7 comments on “Revit 2017 Text Editor vs Tag
  1. Damien says:

    Have you noticed the effect on families yet?! The text in most of my annotation families are expanding beyond the limits of the designed tag. I.e. Some may find they need to fix all of their annotation families! ahhh! Our door & window tags are buggered haha

    • I have only looked into the labels as part of a tag at this point, not the text part of it. I am assuming it is going to be an issue and it it on my list of things to be looking at. Fortunately I use alot of prefixes and suffixes to labels so I am thinking this may not be as time intensive as I think. However I know there are going to be alot of families that I forget to check and will be chasing my tail for a while to get all of them updated.

  2. DaveP says:

    One thing I noticed in my testing was that right-justified text often had a problem. Since the text gets a little wider, I saw a lot of right-justified text end up wrapping onto two lines.

  3. Jimmy says:

    I noticed this right away with upgrading a prototypical project. All of my text is now a little too big – I guess due to the kerning issue you showed above.

    By chance does this also adjust the line spacing?

    Without some sort of adjustment to kerning from Autodesk I will have to go back and adjust width factors on all the text sizes – or resize text…. and I had so carefully avoided using varying width factors with fonts in Revit…..

    • I don’t think it is adjusting the line spacing but it is hard to tell since the height of the text is slightly taller (depending on the font) as well. I am just going to keep all the text sizes as they are and start adjusting the text boxes in a project.

  4. Erik Snell says:

    Hi. The issue you are seeing is because text is using the new rendering engine while all other text is still rendered as always. Also note that this is mostly a screen appearance. When printed to paper or PDF any differences are barely perceptible.

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