Revit 2017 Tags

One of the minor new features for Revit 2017 was the nuance of how pinning a tag works.  In previous releases if a tag had been pinned  it kept an individual from moving the tag but it moved along with the element it tagged.  In 2017 when a tag is pinned it still keeps an individual from moving it, however it will stay in it’s given location as the element being tagged moves.  Note: The leader only moves with the tagged component if the Leader is set to Attached End and not Free End.2017 Pinned Tag Orginal Location


2017 Pinned Tag Not Pinned


2017 Pinned Tag Pinned


This is a very welcomed new feature, I have been an advocate of detailing using tags in lieu of text but was always frustrated that if a detail item changed the tagged would move and have to be realigned.  No more wasting time with this menial task

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