Autodesk Subscription Advantages

I don’t want to sound like a salesperson here but I think the Autodesk Subscription benefits are easily overlooked by most users.  Usually I go to a firm and only the IT, CAD or BIM Manager even have rights to the companies subscription benefits.  Plus not many users even know what additions are available.  I thought I would write a little post to remind everyone to check them out and to mention a couple of my most used.  As you can see in the image below there are quite a few applications and extensions that are available, (I would like to make a note that they all depend on the software you have on subscription) heck by the time you read this I will bet there are already more they have released.  One of my most commonly used one is the eTransmit for Revit, formerly an Autodesk Lab tool it has been promoted to a subscription benefit.  This tool allows a user to copy a Revit model and dependant files to  a single folder location.  This way when the files is needed for the BIM team it copies the Host file and all linked files to a location, it also marks the Revit Model as transmitted and forces the end user to open it and create it as a new central file, assuming worksharing has been enabled.  I had been using the Structure Generator when it was a Lab tool and I can’t wait to play with it now that it has graduated to a subscription tool.  Take a look at some of the tools and let me know which ones you are using the most.

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