Month: March 2012

Revit Basics – User Interface

During every training session this question comes up multiple times.  “How do I get my Project Browser (or Pr0perties, or Zoom dialog thingy) back on the screen.  If you accidentally turn off any of these they are easily brought back

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Show only Core of walls

For many years I have been asked the question “Is there a way in Revit to only show the core of the wall?”.  Recently this question came up yet again during a session of Revit Radio, but this time it

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SketchBook Express update 2.4

Autodesk as released an update for SketchBook Express.  I guess the last update caused a bug so this got fixed in the new update   What’s New in Version 2.4 ✓ Fixed brush performance on new iPad  For those of

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Rotate with Origin

I was asked the other day by a user, a frustrated user, how come you can’t go right into the rotate command and place the center rotation point?  Well you can easily do this with a keyboard shortcut by default

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Vasari 2.5

So I was waiting to post about Vasri 2.5 until it was officially released, well that happened today.  For those of you who haven’t downloaded Vasari yet or know what it is I highly suggest you do it.  Vasari is based

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