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Parameters for Sheet List

As many users know in Revit if there are multiple disciplines working in different models things can be scheduled from those linked models, sheets are no exception.  However most companies will have custom parameters to get the schedule to sort,

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Schedule only Linked Items

The question of how to schedule only elements from a liked model has come up a few times so I thought it would make  good post.  The first trick is to understand how to schedule items from a link, this

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Schedules and Phases

The question comes up a lot how does the phase of a schedule get changed to the correct phase or to display no phases as all.  The first time I attempted to do this I searched high and low in all

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Top of Footing Tag Work Around

A way to tag the top of footing elevation is a question that comes up often.  Below is a procedure that I came up with a year or so ago.  I wrote an article for AUGIWorld last year on this

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Revit Schedules Conditional Formatting

I am a big proponent of using schedules, anyone who knows me has seen me geek out on them.  I also like to use conditional formatting inside of them to help me verify my information is correct.  I did however

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