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For years Autodesk Revit has had issues with the options bar growing and shrinking.  Now a new undocumented feature of 2013.  When you select anything in the project browser the options bar disappears completely.  Of course this is at random and I haven’t been able to find a rhyme or reason for it.  It will be doing it for a while and then all of the sudden just stop, come back a bit later.  I had this issue in the alpha and beta but Autodesk was unable to reproduce the issue.  My question is anyone else finding this issue?

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  1. Adam Munoz says:

    I have the issue of the option bar growing and shrinking, I moved it to the bottom of my views so that my views don’t jump up and down while working. I’m not in 2013 yet but I will check it out soon.

    • Adam,
      There are several reasons why this can happen try these solutions (assuming you haven’t already)
      1. when using dual monitors make sure Revit is on the main monitor
      2. Dual monitors make sure they line up at the top in windows screen resolution. You can drag the monitor pictures around align them to the top.
      3. I can’t remember this one right now

      What I am gettin in 2013 is totally different then what has happend in prior releases.

  2. Chad says:

    We have been having that issue where I work. after researching it, it seems to happen on all different computer set ups. One thing I have found to fix it.

    With Revit clossed, Delete ProjectBrowser Key from the registery @

    HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Autodesk\Revit\Autodesk Revit Structure 2012\Components\Panels

    Then restart.

    Hope this solves your issue

  3. hakanarslan says:

    This problem fix:
    Unitsall .Net framework 4.5 and Intsall 4.0

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