Curved Grid Quirk

There have been numerous posts on curved grid lines and getting them to display as well as many forum responses, even Tim’s post on correcting the height of the curved grids.   I have known about this for years but today none of these tools were working for me to display one single curved grid in a project, this is where I had noticed a quirk with grids.  I was able to reproduce this situation in both Revit 2015 and 2014, I don’t have older versions installed so couldn’t test there.

If the 3D extents of a grid line is larger than 237° the grid will not display in any perpendicular section.


If the grid needs to be shown further in plan and still needs to be displayed in sections, then toggling the grid extents to 2D and rotating it around in a plan view is the answer.  However remember this doesn’t have to be done in all the different plan vies, using “Propagate Extents” will push this change into all the other plan views as well.


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