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Revit Railing Support Bug

I have been teaching and using the hack to use railing supports in leiu of baluster or to use them for gates etc.  Yesterday a client told be about an issue with Railing Supports, they do not abide by phasing

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Room Awareness

Paul Aubin and I were having a discussion the other night about signage.  It made me think of an age old process (age old for me at least) that I have been using since the early days of Revit and I thought I should share it. 

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Wall Vertical Structure Grayed Out

While assisting a client I was showing them how to create a vertically compound wall the only tools available to me where Sweeps and Reveals.  Modify, Merge Regions, Assign Layers and Split Region were grayed out.  I had the section

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Align Eaves

During a recent session of Revit Radio I was asked a few questions about roofs and their properties.  A post I did a while ago on Roof Overhang Values which covered one of the questions.  However it didn’t answer the question of

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Revit 2016 R2 Background Process Calculation Failed

Yesterday I did a post on the new feature for calculation processes, ironically later in the day I had a failure with this same feature, nice timing for a follow up post.  One of my clients was working away in

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