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Sizing Reference Planes

I was doing some work with The Ant Group doing some detail work when Jim Balding (JB) mentioned a tip that I can’t believe I hadn’t been using for years.  When I create family content I am very specific about making sure the reference

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Windows Explorer/My Computer Columns

I previously posted about how to use the windows column filter to display what is needed.  I thought there should be a follow up post on how to change the display of the columns as well.  If you right click

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Vertical Face Based Template

I had mentioned this tip to a bunch of speakers at the BIM Workshops and they had never heard of this so I figured it should be a post, especially since one of them came up and gave me a

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Random Clicks Windows Explorer / My Computer Sorting Tip

Every once in a while I accidentally click on the screen randomly and get a nice surprise.  This is how I found out about dragging grips in Revit as well as windows scroll bars.  This tip is about Windows Explorer and

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Loading Family Quirk

I have a client that swears he is diligent when it comes to not opening a bunch of views when working in Revit.  He kept telling me that Revit was automatically opening views on him.  In this case both of

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