Brian Mackey is a well know and established consultant who has been working in the industry since the 80’s.  He attended school for framing and then worked for a construction firm focusing on framing in the residential market.  He moved on from that to become and architectural wood-worker, which included field verification, cost estimating and bidding, CNC programming and shop drawing creations.  This is where he began using Autodesk products, starting with AutoCAD Release 12.  From here he was recruited to work for an Architectural firm.  He started off doing as built conditions for tenant improvement work and soon became the CAD Manager. In many ways Brian’s past roles in industry have aided his ability to help his clients effectively use Autodesk software.  With a career change to an Autodesk reseller in the early 2000’s, Brian was introduced to Revit and has been a true Revit geek ever since.  Brian holds both associate and professional level Autodesk certifications in Revit. As a Technical Specialist, Brian stayed completely immersed in every aspect of the software and passed his knowledge onto his clients through classroom training, technical support and on-site mentoring.  Through working with numerous companies from all areas of the country, from many different disciplines, Brian has gained valuable experience and knowledge about industry best practices in implementing Revit and other BIM software.  Working with many clients to achieve very diverse goals eventually made Brian decide to make a career change to open BD Mackey Consulting in 2011.  Being an independent consultant allows Brian to focus more intently on his clients and their specific mentoring, training and support needs.  Working so closely with so many diverse companies enables Brian to stay as close to the industry as possible, which helps him provide specific services his clients require. Brian is a well-known and popular instructor and has spoken at CAD Camp, Revit Technology Conference and Autodesk University; he also co-hosts a light-hearted monthly Revit internet Q&A webcast that has a growing fan base. Brian’s main goals in relation to BIM are to find ways to help his clients utilize the software that is the best, most efficient and most intelligent way possible for their companies’ individual needs.

Dezi Mackey works full time as an engineer at Martin/Martin here in the Denver area, but now has a second job with BD Mackey Consulting. Dezi received a bachelor’s degree from University of California, Davis, and a master’s degree from Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Structural Engineering. Through high school and college Dezi worked in the construction industry and has been a practicing structural engineer since the mid-2000’s.  She is a licensed Professional Engineer in both Colorado and California, and is also a LEED®accredited professional.  In each of the companies for which she has worked, Dezi has been immersed in the implementation and development of Revit, and so has also become a bit of a Revit geek herself.  Dezi enjoys finding ways to push the limits of Revit, especially by finding ways to incorporate design and other information. One of her primary goals is to make Revit useful and efficient not only as a drafting and modeling tool, but as a design tool as well. Dezi has spoken at Revit Technology Conference and at Autodesk University, and is mostly known as the engineer who does crazy things with families. In addition she is currently serving as president of Denver Revit User Group’s and is on the Board of Directors as well as the Treasurer for Autodesk User Group International (AUGI).  When Brian decided to open BD Mackey Consulting, Dezi’s experience of growing up in a family construction business became very valuable.  It was this knowledge and experience that made it possible for Brian to open the company, and is now her support through everything from accounting to technical support that allows Brian to primarily focus on his clients’ needs.