Wall Vertical Structure Grayed Out

While assisting a client I was showing them how to create a vertically compound wall the only tools available to me where Sweeps and Reveals.  Modify, Merge Regions, Assign Layers and Split Region were grayed out.  I had the section preview active in the dialog so this wasn’t the issue.

Camera View Limitation 1

I usually modify families by selecting them in the Project Browser and not selecting them on the screen.  In this case this was my downfall, I hadn’t noticed that amongst all the tiled views on the screen the active one was a camera (perspective) view.  A well known fact is that there are many limitations while having a camera view active.  For instance having a camera view active will limit the capability to activate a Revit Addin or Extension.  Having access to only a couple of the vertical structure modification tools was a new one to me.

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