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New Exciting Release Slated for Late April

Dezi and I haven’t been blogging too much lately because we have been involved in this beta.  It has meant a lot of appointments with professionals, anticipation and excitement. This release will come in a compact package but will continue to

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Stacked Walls and Design Options

A client was having an issue working with design options and stacked walls the other day.  When the stacked wall was selected it wouldn’t allow it to become part of a design option.  I started an new file and had the

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Revit Weight Warning

I have posted in the past about crazy warnings that Revit will give us.  I am still trying to figure this one out, are the programmers hacking my webcam and calling me fat?  Or is my building going to somehow

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Detached from Workplane Fix for Beam Systems

I find the “Element will be detached from its associated plane” warning the perhaps second most annoying warning (the beam slightly off axis is the most annoying). Sometimes there isn’t a good (read quick) way to fix this warning so

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