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Plan View Types update

In a previous post I talked about the new feature in 2013 for Plan View Types, and how they can be duplicated.  I also spoke about the fact that when creating a new Level in Revit 2013 it will generate Structural

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Steering Wheel Features

While using the steering wheel command in Autodesk products, (I have only tested this with Revit and Navisworks), some of the features have additional options or tools associated with them. For those of you who haven’t used the steering wheel Shift+W will bring

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Revit 2013 3D View Rotation

As I have been using Revit 2013 I have noticed what I like to consider a bug, or at least a change in work-flow since the last release.  Maybe I consider it a bug because I don’t like the new

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Plan view types

Revit 2013 brings some new features to plan views.  First, if you are creating new Levels it will not only create a plan and RCP but Structural plans as well (This is true if you are in Revit, from the Building Design

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Show Room-Space Tag from previous Phase

When working with phases in Revit one complaint is that you can’t show rooms from a previous phase.  This is where composite views on sheets works like a charm.  Composite view means more than one view placed on top of each other

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