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Revit 2017 View Range Quirk

The new features that we received as part of Revit 2017 for View Range were actually part of 2016 R2, with one exception.  In 2017 the factory gave us a 2 key shortcut (VR) to activate it.  This is, maybe

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View Templates and Area Plans

In previous posts I spoke about the great new features, and some cautions of view types and templates in 2013.  While setting up area and code plans I noticed that there is a slight variation in how to assign view templates

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Plan View Types Part 3

I have posted a few times now about the Revit 2013 new Plan View Types.  I really like this feature, however I found another nuance that everyone should be aware of and hopefully will change with future service packs or

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Plan view types

Revit 2013 brings some new features to plan views.  First, if you are creating new Levels it will not only create a plan and RCP but Structural plans as well (This is true if you are in Revit, from the Building Design

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