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Vasari 2.5

So I was waiting to post about Vasri 2.5 until it was officially released, well that happened today.  For those of you who haven’t downloaded Vasari yet or know what it is I highly suggest you do it.  Vasari is based

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Space Frame Panel by Pattern

In a previous post I added a curtain panel by pattern to a mass family, this family was set up to be a space frame. In this post I will get into how this family was created by using the curtain panel pattern

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Parametric Massing with Ellipses

The BIM TroubleMaker posted about making a parametric ellipsoid in Revit/ Vasari and Zach Kron posted his version of this.  It was great timing as I was doing a comparison take on a similar type issue.  Dezi was creating an elliptical shaped

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Vasari Sliders part 2

I briefly posted about the Vasari Sliders earlier this month letting everyone know they were available for download again.  Well they have updated them and fixed some minor bugs, and added some nice features. Recent Updates  January 2012: 1.Whole number

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Vasari Load Family

While playing back and forth with Revit and Vasari this weekend I noticed a small little quirk (at least for me it’s a quirk).  Vasari doesn’t have an Insert tab on the Ribbon, so there isn’t a way to load a family

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