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Revit 2017 Calculated Values in Tags

Steve has posted about the capability to add calculated values in tags.  While I have disparaging feelings about this feature and using for things like Occupant loads (since there is a possibility to have them not match the calculated value

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Revit 2017 Floor Tags

In a previous release of Revit (2015 it believe) we gained the capability to add the elevation of a floor.  Not only the elevation but the elevation of the bottom or top, if the floor was structural then we also

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Revit 2017 Tags

One of the minor new features for Revit 2017 was the nuance of how pinning a tag works.  In previous releases if a tag had been pinned  it kept an individual from moving the tag but it moved along with

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Revision tags rotate with component

The other day while in training I found a subtle nuance to revision tags. If rotate with component is checked then the tag rotates with the curve of each bubble.  I know this option only works with draw type elements such as

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Structural Framing Tags: Level vs. Sloped

When using the beam annotation (Annotate tab, shown below) tool to quickly tag many structural framing elements, there are a couple quick tips that are good to remember. First, note that there are two tabs: one for level beams and

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