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Revit 2014 New Features-Help

The Autodesk wiki help site now has the Revit 2014 on it as well as some of the other programs.  If you want to read the official what’s new, according to the help file, then check out the links below. 

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Revit 2014 New Features

Anybody in the blogging world isn’t going to compete with the thoroughness of David Lights posts about new features in Revit.  I would just like to add a few comments on some of my favorite new features: Alternate dimensions:  Although

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Framing Orientation

This is one of those Revit basics that has been forgotten, or perhaps never learned.  In the instance parameters for structural framing members, there is a parameter called “Orientation”. The framing member is only affected by this property if it

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Revit 2013 – Override in View By Category

This is a follow-up, or an expansion on our earlier post on this same topic. As noted before, a handy new undocumented feature in Revit 2013 is that selecting an element, right-clicking, and navigating to Override Graphics in View>>By Category

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Cross-Section Rotation Quirk

I was recently doing a quick little job for a client and in modeling the structure I needed to show a 2×4 wood framing member turned flat, so I used the OOTB 2×4 and set the Cross-Section Rotation to 90

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