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Revit 2016 r2 Family Types Dialog

One thing that has changed in Revit 2016 R2 is the dialog box for Family Types while in the family editor.  It is following along with the rest of Revit and has allowed for Searching.  This is a welcomed feature

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Revit 2016 r2 reference planes follow up

In one of the forums a user had suggested that Autodesk set the default value to newly placed reference planes “Is Reference” value be set to “Not a Reference” instead of weak reference.  This has been possible to set up

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Curved Grid Quirk

There have been numerous posts on curved grid lines and getting them to display as well as many forum responses, even Tim’s post on correcting the height of the curved grids.   I have known about this for years but today

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Wall Display Quirk

Steve Stafford posted about this quirk back in 2012 but I have had the question come up several times in the past month so I thought it would be worth bringing this topic up again. When building a wall with multiple layers built up

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Revit 2015 R2 Structural Framing Quirk

With the release of Revit 2015 R2 one of the big features for structural engineers was the capability to flip framing members.  A simple right click on the member and the option to “Flip Structural Framing Ends” appears.  This was

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