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Autodesk 2014 Download

This year Autodesk has stated that the software will be available for DOWNLOAD ONLY.  However if you run into issues during the download you can request media be shipped.  If you have a slow Internet connection or simply like the

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Autodesk 2014 Uninstaller

According to the help file in 2014 Autodesk installations will also install and uninstaller.  This will help when uninstalling an entire suite, (glad this came about as this has been a royal pain in the @$$ for previous releases), as

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Autodesk Design Suites License Cascading

I have been working with a client and setting up all their 2013 deployments.  One of the things I tested last week was to see how the licenses were going to work in 2013.  With the advent of the Building

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Building Design Suite Install update

As all of us are receiving the nice USB drive with our BDS we are going to jump into creating deployments or possibly just install it.    Paul Aubin posted about his issued installing the software and Mark McDonough reminded us

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Building Design Suite 2013

Paul Aubin wrote a nice post about his trials and tributes while installing Autodesk BDS 2013.  I thought I would follow his thoughts and post about my adventures. First off I didn’t have the issues that Paul had while downloading, I set

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