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Building Design Suite 2013 Bug?

I had posted about the installation about the BDS 2013, but today I noticed a few issues after using some of the programs.  First off, it must install Navisworks before Revit because the Exporters are not there in Revit 2013.  You

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Revit 2013 Options Bar

For years Autodesk Revit has had issues with the options bar growing and shrinking.  Now a new undocumented feature of 2013.  When you select anything in the project browser the options bar disappears completely.  Of course this is at random

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Vasari Load Family

While playing back and forth with Revit and Vasari this weekend I noticed a small little quirk (at least for me it’s a quirk).  Vasari doesn’t have an Insert tab on the Ribbon, so there isn’t a way to load a family

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Rotating Crop Regions

While working with a client this evening (yes on a Friday night…. my name is Revit Geek after all) we discovered something I didn’t know.  If you have ever tried to rotate a crop region and the rotate command is greyed

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Elements mysteriously moving

I find that at least once a week, users get frustrated with Revit because elements mysteriously move and they have no idea why.  Then I ask if they know what the little check box on the bottom right corner of the

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