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Revit Schedules Conditional Formatting

I am a big proponent of using schedules, anyone who knows me has seen me geek out on them.  I also like to use conditional formatting inside of them to help me verify my information is correct.  I did however

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Plan View Types update

In a previous post I talked about the new feature in 2013 for Plan View Types, and how they can be duplicated.  I also spoke about the fact that when creating a new Level in Revit 2013 it will generate Structural

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Revit 2013 – Temporary Hide Category

In Revit 2013 View Templates went under a total reconstruct, they are much better in this release, or at least I think so.  One of the major changes was the ability to have views dependent on a view template, so

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Revit 2013 3D View Rotation

As I have been using Revit 2013 I have noticed what I like to consider a bug, or at least a change in work-flow since the last release.  Maybe I consider it a bug because I don’t like the new

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Custom Elevation Tags

I was really hoping that in Revit 2013 Autodesk would have truly fixed elevation marks so that there can be lines in the symbol and have them not rotate with the symbol.  We can have it with the text in

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