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Waffle Slab

I have been asked many times about the best way to model a waffle slab in Revit.  There are many different ways to go about it; I will discuss a few of them.  Beams and Floor:  I personally like to model a

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Adaptive slab edge

While training a client today the question had come up of how do you do a slab edge when the slab isn’t flat?  This can always be done as an inplace family sweep with a defined profile, but as we

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Quick floor sketching method

About a year ago I read a blog that talked about using ceilings as floors in order to utilize the easy auto sketch option with ceilings.  Most of the time I disagree with using tools for things that which they aren’t meant, assuming

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Revit Floors Room Bounding

On Monday Steve Stafford posetd about how finish floors can do bad things when passing a model off to the MEP consultants.   I have also seen this cause issues when the architects go to tag their rooms and and the tag won’t

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