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Adaptive Component Water Volume

Dezi was working on a project where she had to figure out the amount of water that was accumulating in a failing double T.  Of course she approached the problem as an engineer and incorporated a lot of math into

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Instance based Family System Parameters

A question came up on how to change a family system parameter from Type based to Instance based.  It made me think of the good old days when we had to start a family, say structural foundation or door family,

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New Exciting Release Slated for Late April

Dezi and I haven’t been blogging too much lately because we have been involved in this beta.  It has meant a lot of appointments with professionals, anticipation and excitement. This release will come in a compact package but will continue to

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Detailing- Guide Grid

In Revit I sometimes see users having difficulties or just complaining about detailing, either over the model or standard details, and knowing where and how large of an area they have to detail in.  In my last web-cast Detailing in

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Center Mark Visible

While creating some families this week I made a note to show a simple feature of circles that is extremely beneficial yet easily missed.  When using a circle in a parametric mass the circle may need to move with other

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