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Vertical Face Based Template

I had mentioned this tip to a bunch of speakers at the BIM Workshops and they had never heard of this so I figured it should be a post, especially since one of them came up and gave me a

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Revit 2013 Add-ins availble

I started typing that the add-ins for Revit were posted today and I noticed that The Revit Clinic as well as Steve Stafford had already posted this information, since it was already typed out I thought I would go ahead and post

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Autodesk Building Design Suit 2013

Autodesk said that the Design suites would be available today and they didn’t lie.  However for us die hard geeks we come to expect that to be first thing in the morning when we wake up.  Well it took until

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Revit 2013 Downloads

Last night while we slept the non-suite products became available for download on your subscription site.  So if you are like me and want to get first crack at the new software go to your subscription site and download them.

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