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Rotating Detail Families

When creating a filled/masking region inside of a detail component family a work plane can’t be specified before, or during the sketch mode.  My work around to this is to create a simple rectangle as the region, finish the sketch and then edit the

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Detailing- Guide Grid

In Revit I sometimes see users having difficulties or just complaining about detailing, either over the model or standard details, and knowing where and how large of an area they have to detail in.  In my last web-cast Detailing in

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Revit Technology Conference

Late last night Dezi and myself received emails that our abstracts were accepted by the RTC committee and we will both be teaching one lab and one lecture style sessions.  Since we both love RTC we were excited and now

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Referenced Bubbles

While doing some training today I had a user find a bug in the program that I forgot about.  It has to deal with the “Hide at scales coarser than” value for views.  When a view is not a live view but references another view it doesn’t obey

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Section or Details in Legends

I run into this question usually on a weekly basis so I thought it would be a good post. When creating a legend, say a door frame legend, and there needs to be a reference a detail in that legend Revit wont

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