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Vasari 2.5

So I was waiting to post about Vasri 2.5 until it was officially released, well that happened today.  For those of you who haven’t downloaded Vasari yet or know what it is I highly suggest you do it.  Vasari is based

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Space Frame Panel by Pattern

In a previous post I added a curtain panel by pattern to a mass family, this family was set up to be a space frame. In this post I will get into how this family was created by using the curtain panel pattern

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Parametric Massing with Ellipses

The BIM TroubleMaker posted about making a parametric ellipsoid in Revit/ Vasari and Zach Kron posted his version of this.  It was great timing as I was doing a comparison take on a similar type issue.  Dezi was creating an elliptical shaped

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