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Revit 2013 Options Bar

For years Autodesk Revit has had issues with the options bar growing and shrinking.  Now a new undocumented feature of 2013.  When you select anything in the project browser the options bar disappears completely.  Of course this is at random

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Referenced Bubbles

While doing some training today I had a user find a bug in the program that I forgot about.  It has to deal with the “Hide at scales coarser than” value for views.  When a view is not a live view but references another view it doesn’t obey

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Move with disjoin

I found another nice little feature (some might call a bug) about using the Move command while having the disjoin checkbox on.  The point of this option is to allow a user to move an element, say wall or beam, that is joined

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Rotating Crop Regions

While working with a client this evening (yes on a Friday night…. my name is Revit Geek after all) we discovered something I didn’t know.  If you have ever tried to rotate a crop region and the rotate command is greyed

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