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Revit Railing Support Bug

I have been teaching and using the hack to use railing supports in leiu of baluster or to use them for gates etc.  Yesterday a client told be about an issue with Railing Supports, they do not abide by phasing

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Generic Annotation Bug

While working with a family to resemble a Level head for detailing I noticed a quirk when dealing with Generic Annotations and justified text.  I had nested in a Generic Annotation family that only had a right justified label, this was

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New Exciting Release Slated for Late April

Dezi and I haven’t been blogging too much lately because we have been involved in this beta.  It has meant a lot of appointments with professionals, anticipation and excitement. This release will come in a compact package but will continue to

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2013 Stair and Handrail

While setting up a new template for one of my clients I noticed an interesting issue (I would call this a bug) with handrails and precast stairs. In Revit 2013 one of the small changes to stairs was the “End

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Plan View Types Part 3

I have posted a few times now about the Revit 2013 new Plan View Types.  I really like this feature, however I found another nuance that everyone should be aware of and hopefully will change with future service packs or

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