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Revit Basics – Group Origin Points

I am not a big fan of groups I tend to think they get over used in lieu of families, but this post isn’t going to get into that.  With that said there is a time and place for their use

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Instance based Family System Parameters

A question came up on how to change a family system parameter from Type based to Instance based.  It made me think of the good old days when we had to start a family, say structural foundation or door family,

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Framing Orientation

This is one of those Revit basics that has been forgotten, or perhaps never learned.  In the instance parameters for structural framing members, there is a parameter called “Orientation”. The framing member is only affected by this property if it

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Revit Basics – Linework Tool

The linework tool is found on the Modify tab, in the View panel.   With this tool a Revit user can override the graphical style of a model element, i.e. change something from a solid to a dashed or hidden

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Revit Basics – Dropping Families

When placing families in a project most everyone knows that you can go to the command you need to place a file.  For example if you want to draw a wall then you go to the wall command, if you

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