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New Exciting Release Slated for Late April

Dezi and I haven’t been blogging too much lately because we have been involved in this beta.  It has meant a lot of appointments with professionals, anticipation and excitement. This release will come in a compact package but will continue to

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Revit 2013 Service Pack 2

In case you hadn’t heard Autodesk Released a new service pack for the Revit products.  They can be found at the following links. Revit 2013 Revit Architecture 2013 Revit Struture 2013 Revit MEP 2013 Fix Notes

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Autodesk Subscription Advantages

I don’t want to sound like a salesperson here but I think the Autodesk Subscription benefits are easily overlooked by most users.  Usually I go to a firm and only the IT, CAD or BIM Manager even have rights to

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Revit 2013 Add-ins availble

I started typing that the add-ins for Revit were posted today and I noticed that The Revit Clinic as well as Steve Stafford had already posted this information, since it was already typed out I thought I would go ahead and post

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Revit 2013

For those of you who haven’t heard if you have the Building Design Suite Premium or Ultimate then you will only have one Revit program.  This includes RST, RAC and RME and the install can be customized.  Your subscription account

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