Non Urgent Technical Support

We offer technical support packages via email. If you are in need of support questions or just looking for direction on where to start a process, then this is for you. This is designed for the users who don’t wait until the last minute to seek help on a problem or process. Just send us an email with your question and we will email you back an answer, unless the question is too difficult then we might have to call you back. The reason this is called non urgent is due to the fact we are small and hopefully helping out a client during normal office hours, we can email you back after hours, during lunch, or while on breaks.  In the rare event everyone is working in the office then you may get an immediate response. The cost for this service is $400 for 1 year and allows for unlimited questions during that time, please contact us to get this service set up for you and your firm.

Please contact us for support.