Sizing Reference Planes

I was doing some work with The Ant Group doing some detail work when Jim Balding (JB) mentioned a tip that I can’t believe I hadn’t been using for years.  When I create family content I am very specific about making sure the reference planes aren’t longer than needed, centered in the family etc., especially when working with detail components or generic annotations and tags.  I have family templates for most family types, my detailing template has been set such that the reference planes are centered, equal length and around 4″ (100mm) in length.  When I start a family from this template on of the first things I do is unpin the reference planes and stretch each end to the desired length for that component.  JB asked why I didn’t use the scale command?  He showed how he uses scale by selecting the reference plane(s) and scaling it from the center point, clicking the end then clicking again at the desired final length.  This really is a great tip when both of the reference planes need to be sized equally.


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