Schedules and Phases

The question comes up a lot how does the phase of a schedule get changed to the correct phase or to display no phases as all.  The first time I attempted to do this I searched high and low in all the different tabs in the schedule properties dialog, only to find it is just like any other view and this can be changed via the standard properties dialog within Phasing via the Phase Filter and Phase, crazy enough it is right above where I picked Edit to get to the Schedule Properties dialog box.

The Phase value should be set for the phase that is going to be scheduled, and if all that is to be scheduled is stuff to that phase than the Phase Filter should be set to “Show New”, this setting will only schedule items to that phase.  However if everything is to be scheduled the set the Phase to the last phase on the project and set the Phase Filter to “Show All” this will schedule all non-demoed elements in the file.  Of course these are just some of the different options on how phasing can work in schedules.

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