Rotating Crop Regions

While working with a client this evening (yes on a Friday night…. my name is Revit Geek after all) we discovered something I didn’t know.  If you have ever tried to rotate a crop region and the rotate command is greyed out, that is because your view is set to True North.  Apparently crop regions can only be rotated when the view is set to Project North.  This did make sense once I thought about it, if your view is set to True North why would you want to rotate it away from that.  If you are wondering why we were trying to rotate the crop region it was due to the fact that the plan didn’t fit on the sheet.  If you use the “Rotation on Sheet” value the view title rotates with the view.  However if you rotate the crop region in the original view then it is rotated on the sheet and the view title remains in its’ normal location.

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