Random Clicks Windows Explorer / My Computer Sorting Tip

Every once in a while I accidentally click on the screen randomly and get a nice surprise.  This is how I found out about dragging grips in Revit as well as windows scroll bars.  This tip is about Windows Explorer and how to filter what is being displayed.

When you look at the headers in the windows screen there can be two arrows associated to them.  If the column is being used for sorting then it will have an Up arrow allowing for it to be sorted ascending or descending, this one I have known for years.  The other one is used for filtering, even if it isn’t used for grouping.  Depending on what column is selected and what file or folders are in the window different options will come up.  This is huge for me, in the past I would group by file type and then scroll down to the appropriate types, now I just Filter by the file types needed.  Try clicking on other columns and see what options are available.



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