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I am almost embarrassed to say that I didn’t know this feature existed and I just found it.  Naturally when I find a nice little feature like this I go back to previous releases to see how long I have been not utilizing it.  Thankfully I found out it was new to Revit 2012, so I didn’t feel as bad.  If you have taken the text from a dimension and moved it off to the side, either to get a leader or just to move it, and then wanted it to go back to it’s default location there is a new way to do this in Revit 2012 (yes in 2013 too).  Simply Right Click on the text that has been moved and select Reset Dimension Text Position.


Whenever I find an undocumented feature like this it always makes me wonder what other ones am I missing.  If you know of any please pass on the knowledge.

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One comment on “Dimension Home
  1. Mehdi says:

    What an easy solution!
    Thank you Brian.

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