Custom Elevation Tags

I was really hoping that in Revit 2013 Autodesk would have truly fixed elevation marks so that there can be lines in the symbol and have them not rotate with the symbol.  We can have it with the text in an elevation, heck a section head already has this option, why can’t it be added to the elevation marks.  I am frustrated having the symbol look like this.

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4 comments on “Custom Elevation Tags
  1. mark wieringa says:

    There is a revit hack that solves your problem
    when opening a sectionhead marker select the middle line it has a special property(rotate with section)
    use copyclip and paste to bring it to your elevation marker
    it still has the same special property

  2. Anthony says:

    I tried this but the “rotate with section” property can’t be unchecked. Any other ideas?

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