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Adaptive Component – Everyday Uses part 3

Continued from.. Adaptive Component – Everyday Uses part 2 Adaptive Component – Everyday Uses part 1 Creating Forms Unlike the normal family editor, in adaptive and mass families, surfaces and solids can be created.  These are created using the Create

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Revit 2015 R2 Structural Framing Quirk

With the release of Revit 2015 R2 one of the big features for structural engineers was the capability to flip framing members.  A simple right click on the member and the option to “Flip Structural Framing Ends” appears.  This was

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Spot Slope Revit

While helping set up a template with a client there was a discussion on how the graphic should look for the spot slope symbol, hence this post. While  placing a spot slope there is an option to change the graphic

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Analytical Model

In preparation for my session on Structural Tools for Architects at BIM Workshops in Anaheim I thought of a nice tip that would be a good blog post.  When discussing structural tools inside of Revit I have heard the comment

Dimensioning Sloped Framing

I have had some questions come up about dimensioning sloped framing, so I thought it deserved a blog post. Question: Why can’t I dimension to framing members when they are associated to a sloped work plane? This question comes up

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