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Revit Update Locations

I think most users out there will agree with Steve and most of his post about the Autodesk Desktop App (formerly Autodesk Application Manager), I know I do, on how hard it is to find the updates when they are

Revit Railing Support Bug 2

As I am preparing to teach another session on Revit Railings I noticed another small quirk.  Again in this example I am using railing supports to act as balusters, a great option when dealing with glass panel. In this image I

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RTC 2014

My blog has gone dark for a while in case you didn’t know my family was blessed with a beautiful baby girl, aka #BIMbino. I was planning on taking a break for a while and then start blogging again once

Navisworks opening Revit 2013

In 2013 Navisworks has the capability to open native Revit files.  The question that arises is how does it know what view in Revit to open and what does it import?  They way this is handled is very nice and

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Steering Wheel Features

While using the steering wheel command in Autodesk products, (I have only tested this with Revit and Navisworks), some of the features have additional options or tools associated with them. For those of you who haven’t used the steering wheel Shift+W will bring

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