Autodesk Design Suites License Cascading

I have been working with a client and setting up all their 2013 deployments.  One of the things I tested last week was to see how the licenses were going to work in 2013.  With the advent of the Building Design Suites I was wondering if the Revit (One Box) licenses would open up a license from a standard Revit Architecture or Revit Architecture Suite.  After days of creating deployments and then installing them on several different machines I had some results, although they weren’t what I was hoping for.

If Revit is opened from from the Building Design Suite Ultimate and there aren’t any licenses available then it will look to any Building Design Suite Premium for a license file.  Unfortunately if there aren’t any licenses available from the Design Suites it will NOT open a license from a standard Revit Architecture (Structure or MEP) or Revit Architecture Suite. 

In finding this out I had to create and install a deployment for all versions of Revit and all of the suites then I had to install them accordingly on the clients machines.  So alot of the clients had to have two different versions of Revit installed because of this lack of cascading.

Just before posting this I realized that Up and Ready posted about this at the end of last week.  Wish it would have been 3 days earlier would have saved me some time.

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