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During my last Revit Radio session I found out that many users didn’t know that with every seat of software they get can set up an account using the Autodesk 360 Drive.  It is somewhat confusing since everything that Autodesk had as an online service falls under their A360 heading and for online storage there is A360 Drive, Team and Hub. All of the different versions get confusing but for this post I am going to focus on the A360 Drive accounts.  Actually there is a free version as well as a the subscription user version, the only difference that I know of is storage space, the subscription based version allows up to 25gb of storage space (I am not sure how much the free version allows).  If you are a Formit user or an Autodesk Revit Beta tester than you have already been using the A360 Drive for file storage.  Along with file storage there is also a very nice viewer that is associated with most file types.  So if you post a Revit model any user who the file has been shared with can view not only the 3D model but any sheets in that model as well.  To make this easier there is a nice panel on the left that will break the 3D model down to all the Revit categories and display all the sheets in the file as well.  Along with viewing they can also select elements and see the properties of those elements on the right side of the screen.  The navigation tools are simple and easy to use, probably because they are similar to Revit.

A360 Viewer

During Revit Radio someone had asked “Can this be used instead of Dropbox?”, my answer was absolutely yes.  Not only does it have a nice viewing feature (for most file types) it also has a larger storage capacity.

Part of the reason for this post is also to get the Revit users out there to Vote for Revit Families to get a viewing feature inside of A360.  As of now a .rfa is not a supported file type for the viewer.  Autodesk does have a website dedicated to feature requests for A360, there is a specific post specifically for Revit Families.  If you do browse the website and find any posts that you think should be part of A360 make sure to hit the Thumbs Up icon in the upper left corner to Vote this as a feature that need working on.  The more votes the higher it moves up the development list.



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